List of Members of the SC Women Work and Health


The list that follows was obtained from the list sent in the mid-term report, confirming membership to the SC by means of a brief e-survey asking about willingness to continue belonging to the SC WH&W; and if the member would be present in Korea. The information was verified with the ICOH member List available on line. Twenty non-ICOH members were excluded from the list, However we keep a list of interested professionals and experts from sister organizations that traditionally have contributed to the work and that support our work. Within others, they include:


  • Professor Emerita Karen Messing, UQUAM, IEA, Canada
  • Professor Leonor Cedillo, Mexico
  • Professor Emerita Donna Mergler, UQAM, Communities of Practice, Canada
  • Frida Marina Fischer, Brazil
  • Laurent Vogel, European Unions, France


The balance of assistance to Seoul will be re-checked later again. In the meantime, it seems we have 17 members confirmed.


Argentina 1.    Cobos, Myriam Rita Argentinean Society of OM of BsAs (SMTBA) YES
Argentina 2.    Colautti, Maria Cecilia Nanotechnology & Occ. Health YES
Argentina 3.    Pantano, Maria Cristina SMTBA YES
Argentina 4.    Salvatierra, Marian Argent. Ergonomy Assoc. &SMTBA YES
Argentina 5.    Santoro, Nicolas Consultant in OHS YES
Argentina 6.    Prado, Marta SMTBA YES
Argentina 7.    De Hoyos, Claudia Secretary SC, SMTBA YES
Australia 8.    Shirangi, Adeleh University of Western Australia YES
Brazil 9.    Bandinni, Marcia MD IH Ergonomist  Alcan BRA NEW
Chile 10. Herrera Moreno, Veronica ICOH NS for Chile YES
Colombia 11. ArchilaEscorcia, Lelys Graduate Program Director UniAgraria YES
Colombia 12. Cabrera Videla, Ana Maria Independent YES
Colombia 13. Espinosa Restrepo,  Maria Teresa Professor OH

Graduate Program, Uni. El Bosque

Colombia 14. Gallegos, Sandra Advisor, Ministry of Health YES
Colombia 15. Mejia  Doris Colombian Society of Occ. Medicine YES
Colombia 16. Moreno Díaz, Luis Ángel UNIAIDS/COL YES
Colombia 17. Padilla, Patricia Regional medical advisor for GM YES
Colombia 18. Piedrahita Hugo Director Research Center  Cerrejon YES
Colombia 19. Polo, Bertha Eugenia Consultant and Research YES
Colombia 20. Rodriguez-Guzman Julietta Secretary ICOH SCWHW YES
Colombia 21. VelandiaBacca, Edgar Impairment Evaluation National Committee YES
Finland 22. Helaskoski, Eva FIOH YES
Finland 23. Husgafvel-Pursiainen, Kirsti FIOH YES
Finland 24. Karvala,  Kirsi FIOH YES
Finland 25. Lindbohm, Marja FIOH YES
Finland 26. Viikari-Juntura, Eira FIOH YES
France 27. Poissonnet, Claude Michele Ministère de l’Intérieur YES
France 28. Fanchette, Janine First Chair WHW   PREVOR YES
Ghana 29. Clarke, Edith Ministry of Health AFRICA YES
Greece 30. Riza, Elena University of Athens YES
Italy 31. Barbini, Norma INRCA YES
Italy 32. Fano, Daniela ICOH SC History – Secretary YES
Lebanon 33. Habib, Rima American Univ. of Beirut IEA chair women task group YES
Mexico 34. Enriquez, Elia ICOH Board member YES
Netherlands 35. Brand, Teus Centrum voorBeroepsziekten. Coronel Instituut YES(*)
Netherlands 36. Van Zanten-Przybysz,  Iwona Dpt. of Gender Studies  University of Nijmegen YES
Turkey 37. DavasAkson H., Asli Ege University YES
UK 38. Radford, Jennifer OH nursing consultant YES
USA 39. Punnet, Laura Chair – ICOH SCMSDs YES (*)
USA 40. Silverstein, Barbara Washington State Dept. Labor and Industries YES
USA 41. Fingerhut, Marilyn ICOH Board member /NIOSH Funder SCWH&W(*)
USA 42. Rogers, Bonnie ICOH Vice-president YES
USA 43. Lavoie, Marie-Claude Secretary ICOH SCHCW PAHO YES
Venezuela 44. Rojas Martini, Maritza MRM_CONDULTOX YES


(*) Are ICOH members that contribute and support our SC, but are member of other SCs.