The International Commission on Occupational Health (ICOH) is recognized by the United Nations as a nongovernmental, nonprofit scientific international organizationgathering occupational health and safety professionals and institutions dedicated to improving worker’s health around the world. The aims of ICOH are to foster the scientific progress, knowledge and development of occupational health and safety in all its aspects in a global basis (Fingerhut, 2008).

Now days, ICOH is the world’s leading international scientific society in the field of occupational health with a membership of about 2,000 professionals from 93 countries, including physicians, nurses, epidemiologists, industrial hygienists etc. ICOH’s scientific structure is supported and developed by 35 Scientific Committees nominated according to their special professional areas of interest (ICOH, 2010).

Most of these committees have regular symposia, publish articles and scientific monographs, contributing to develop knowledge and research in their respective fields of interest in all regions of the world. As well, they contribute to the organization of the triennial ICOH Global Congresses.

The ICOH Scientific Committee on Women, Health and Work (SC WH&W) was created in 2009, and today takes pride for being part of the scientific body of ICOH. And most, to be present in the 31st  International Congress held in Seoul, Korea in May-June, 2015.